Positivity through Vaastu & Aura

The homes we build spread positivity with the aid of age-old, proven practices such as follows:

  • To enhance positive vibes and ensure the wellbeing of residents, distinguished Aura consultants ensure that all Orbit constructions allow the uninterrupted flow of Auric and other positive energy into and through each apartment
  • Auric correction methodologies remove negative Aura, if any, and replace them with positive vibes, ensuring that physical, psychological, emotional and monetary wellbeing of residents

Care for the environment

Effective solutions to help conserve the environment without compromising on customer delight.

  • Rain water harvesting, waste water management, vermi-composting and waste management system
  • Anti-termite treatment for soil, substructure and super structure
  • Terrace garden
  • Designs that allow optimum natural light and ventilation, eliminating UV rays and reducing energy consumption.